Cross-Platform TV Ad Measurement for Agencies

Don’t wait weeks to find out what happened yesterday. With iSpot Unified Measurement, you can see how ads are reaching target audiences across traditional TV and streaming publishers in real time.

No more aggregating disparate data, or waiting for yesterday’s measurement companies to catch up. Our always-on dashboard will arm you with the person-level insights you need to optimize incremental reach and frequency of cross-platform campaigns today.

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Take advantage of first-to-market capabilities

Optimize buys and validate investments with a full view of cross-platform reach and incremental impressions

Top brands hit massive audiences with TV ads every day, even before extending to streaming. So how can you up the ante on unique or more efficient reach? iSpot Unified Measurement tracks ad impressions on linear TV and 300+ streaming publishers, so you can diagnose incremental reach across platforms and intelligently allocate budget to maximize CPMs.


Drill into incremental reach by target demo with person-level insights

By applying household demographic data to panel-based co-viewing measurement (in partnership with TVision Insights), iSpot brings advertisers the novel ability to measure cross-platform incrementality by demo.

  • Measure how your clients’ campaigns are reaching specific audiences across screens
  • Diagnose how to reach net-new consumers within your target audience via streaming
  • Minimize wasted impressions with a clear view of incrementality at the target demo level
“The iSpot Unified Measurement platform provided us with important insights into publisher and creative performance and will help inform and maximize the impact of future OTT investments.”

Identify optimal frequency levels between linear and CTV impressions

Once a campaign is extended from linear to streaming, how do you know if you’re over-inundating pockets of consumers with your ads? iSpot Unified Measurement helps you track overlapping impressions so you can manage frequency for cross-platform campaigns.

Remove blind spots and make rapid data-driven decisions

With iSpot, you don’t have to wait for post logs or cobble together reports to know if cross-platform ads are running according to plan — you’ll have fresh, granular insights every step of the way.


iSpot Unified Measurement is already widely adopted by brands and publishers alike


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Fortune 1000 brand clients currently using Unified Measurement from iSpot

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Sign Up is the market leader in real-time television advertising measurement and attribution. The company’s always-on platform measures impressions and attention for all TV ads in a unified manner across linear, time-shifted, VOD, CTV, streaming and OTT environments.’s TV attribution solution enables advertisers and TV networks to plan, optimize and transact on business-outcome measures. The company delivers its solution in real-time via intuitive and modern dashboards as well as APIs and customized analytics. has hundreds of brands and all major TV networks licensing its enterprise solution.


Data Footprint

  • 35K brands
  • 1.2 million creatives
  • 142 TV networks
  • 210 DMAs
  • 300+ streaming platforms and DSPs
  • 22 million smart TVs and set-top boxes
  • Billions of impressions & conversions attributed to millions of creatives

Data Quality

  • Patented ad and impression detection processes and software
  • 20 around-the-clock human editors
  • Best-in-class data science, processing, and modeling

Corporate Facts

  • Founded in 2012
  • Over 400 customers across brands, TV networks, and movie studios
  • 200 US-based employees