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How Adobe Proves the Value of Cross-Screen TV Advertising

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You will learn:

  • Adobe's top tips for eliminating wasted time and TV ad spend
  • How to overcome common CTV challenges
  • Key strategies for optimizing cross-screen campaigns, from the creative-level down to individual networks / publishers

Data is in Adobe’s DNA, but when it came to TV advertising, the marketing team needed deeper insight into performance to enable them to verify and optimize campaign impact. A fundamental challenge was understanding how TV performance compared to other marketing channels guided by sophisticated measurement tools.

CTV Challenges for Advertisers


lacking standard measurement


managing audience deduplication


managing ad frequency capping

Source: Advertiser Perceptions, Video Advertising Convergence Report, Wave 9: 2H 2020, February 2021

All that changed when Adobe started leveraging fast, accurate and actionable TV analytics to gain full visibility into the performance of linear and streaming advertising. Not only could Adobe defend TV spend, the marketing team secured more dollars for CTV campaigns to drive maximum impact and efficiency.

Join Danielle Nicosia, Senior Strategic TV Analyst at Adobe, and Edwin Yuen, Senior Director of Product Marketing at iSpot, to learn how Adobe leveraged Unified Measurement to go from CTV newcomer to cross-screen optimization leader. In this webinar, you’ll get an in-depth look at how the Adobe team applies cutting-edge measurement strategies to get the most out of linear and streaming investments.